Saudi policeman tortures Yemeni to death [Archives:2005/886/Local News]

October 17 2005

SANA'A – Oct. 15 – Saleh Taib Rashid, a Yemeni national, was murdered after being tortured and beaten by a Saudi policeman. The murder happened in a Saudi village at the border betweem the two countries.

In a statement to the Yemen News, Abdulhafid al-Khatib, Director of the Criminal Investigation Bureau in Harad, said that the Yemeni citizen Saleh Taib Rashid died in Harad Hospital. A Yemeni military patrol found the victim lying in the ground and then took him to the hospital. The corpse of the victim is still in the morgue of Harad Hospital.

A border guard officer in Harad stated that his authorities made contacts with their Saudi counterparts immediately after they were informed of the incident. He said: “We work hard at restricting the killings of Yemeni citizens when they cross the border of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to find work”.

One of the victim's relatives said that Saleh Taib Rashid was subjected to torture and beaten by a Saudi policeman until he died. One of the victim's companions said that the Saudi policeman harshly beat Saleh and then forced his other companions to take him away to the Yemen side of the border.

Mohamed al-Hisni