Saudi universities’ events in Aden [Archives:2004/800/Culture]

December 20 2004

Aden University hosted events related to Saudi Arabian universities Dec. 14. Prof. Abdul Kareem Yehya Rassae welcomed participants from Aden, indicating that the good relations between Saudi Arabia Kingdom and Yemen make such events possible.
The exhibition contained science, health, environmental and architectural research relating to the Saudi universities book show, and the palm trees researches exhibition.
In attendance was Dr. Yehya al-Shuaiby, the governor of Aden Governorate.
This inauguration party was also attended by AbdulKareem Shayef, the Secretary General of the Assembly – Deputy of Aden Governor, and Col. Abdullah Qeiran, Director of the Governorate, Dr. Khaled AbdulRehman al-Hamoody, the Dean of the University, Vice-Chairmen of Aden University and other dignitaries.