Saudis invest in fish and agriculture areas [Archives:2005/881/Business & Economy]

September 29 2005

A number of Saudi businessmen have declared their desire to invest in Yemen particularly in fish wealth and agriculture. They revealed their intention in a meeting in Sana'a last week with Engineer Hassan Omar Suweid, the minister of agriculture and irrigation. He minister explained to the visiting Saudi businessmen the available investment opportunities in agriculture and privileges and facilities the law of investment offers to investors and types of projects. Te minister expressed his hope that there would be more prosper in cooperation of the two countries especially in agriculture, indicating the effective role the private sector in Yemen and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia could play for the development of cooperation areas leading to strong economic partnership that would help achieve their food safety.

The Saudi businessmen delegation praised the facilities Yemeni is offering to Arab investors, confirming they were convinced hat Yemen provides the best climates for investment as it possesses also great constituents encouraging for investment especially in agriculture, fish wealth and animal wealth. They clarified that that conviction was based on studies conducted by them in that respect.