Saudization of Yemenis [Archives:1998/42/Local News]

October 19 1998

That was the report of a Yemen Times reporter who is roaming the deserts of the Empty Quarter in search of stories. The paper will run the full story in the coming weeks.
Once they have their pictures, these Yemenis then go to Al-Kherakheer where they are issued Saudi identity cards. Already many tribes along the norther periphery of Hadhramaut and Al-Mahara have been Saudized.
“The effort is brisk these days. It is especially visible among the youth, who are frustrated by the joblessness.”
No source would give an exact number on the number of Yemenis who have already been Saudized, but estimates say there are already 70,000 – 80,000 persons Saudized this year alone in this region.
Sanaa officials are either oblivious or careless about this matter. The identity of the people will be a crucial issue in determining the boundary between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, which is Yemen’s last pending frontier.