Save education in Yemen [Archives:2003/666/Culture]

September 8 2003

By Aziz Hassan al-Zaidi
Head of Monitoring & Inspection
Serwah, Marib

To pinpoint the reasons behind the deteriorated condition of education, many questions pop to one's mind. Is it because of lacking of educational aid? Or is it because of shortage of qualified and skilled employees in this important field? Or is it because of betrayal of the national duty committed by most employees in this field?
Days and years have been passing and the wheel of education in our country runs backward. This raises many questions about the reasons behind destroying this crucial field that is considered the basis in building societies and civilizations.
As an employee in this significant field, I cannot give clear and complete answers to the aforementioned questions. I will not acquit any employee of committing mistakes that have led to the deterioration of education.
So as Ymenis who feel pity for the situation of education we blame certain people and sides. The government, the education minister and general managers of educational offices in governorates as well as heads of educational centers in districts are the first to blame.
Certain parties should provide educational aid as well so as to rehabilitate teachers and employees in this sector. These parties are the ones responsible for education while the other sides are the teachers and headmasters.
In my opinion, I see that there are two main reasons behind such a devastated education.
First: Cheating in the final examinations of preparatory and high schools.
Second: Transferring students who fail in exam from one stage to another by their teachers or the headmaster.
Much has been said about this in mass media; radio, TV, and press. Many researches, studies and seminars are carried out to find suitable remedy to these educational defects. Thus, can we say that healing this case is hopeless and becomes a miracle to these people whom Prophet Mohammed described “wisdom owners” or did they just lose faith and betray the honesty in their work in the educational field or became heartless with no mercy to this nation?
Finally, I think that whoever reads this article; may pay little interest, as much is said about this issue and the need is to found several ministries and authorities to improve, modernize, expand and heal education in our country.
I see that the most important and effective treatments are to submit resignations. Everyone who cannot do his work honestly and sincerely should submit his resignation and leave the field for the ones who can do better.
Now we are awaiting a new academic year and we have new ministers who still have a chance to reform. We hope that this year will be time to put an end to education deterioration. However if we do not find any solution for this case we will instantly appeal to the president asking him to help and save this nation as the Yemeni people consider the president a final reference to solve such complicated cases.
If things stay as they are in the next academic year, then we can only try to hide our shame from our future generations.