Saving Iraq history [Archives:2003/635/Community]

May 12 2003

A workshop held in Cairo lat week by Cultured Arab Forum (CAF) about the role of intellectuals to face the assassination of Iraq history and culture came out with a number of recommendations.
The most significant recommendations are to build a media campaign among the Iraqi people and intellectuals about the importance of respecting the remaining antiquities, and historical sites. In addition, recommending the Arab regimes to hold a conference for their Ministers of Culture, Antiquities and Tourism and specialize a sum of money to buy what can be save and put them back to their places. They recommended also the necessity of the interested organizations to protect the history and culture in Iraq.
Dr. Jaber Osfor, the secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Culture in Egypt and the Chairman of Arab Bar along with Mr. Abdulwali al-Shamiri, the CAF chairman attended the workshop.