“Sawt Al-Shoura” to Replace Suspended “Al-Shoura” Newspaper [Archives:2001/25/Front Page]

June 18 2001

Sawt Al-Shoura weekly will start publication to replace the Al-Shoura newspaper after deciding to implement the judicial verdict issued in 1997 to close down Al-Shoura, the mouthpiece of the People’s Forces Union party. The verdict issued in 1997 also sentenced the then editor-in-chief Abdullah Saad, who died in 1999, to be flogged 80 times as punishment according to Islamic regulations.
Al-Shoura is the newspaper that received most of the verdicts issued against any newspaper in Yemen and was closed for one year during 1999-2000.
The party was able to legally issue another newspaper with a slightly modified editorial board taking into account the press and publication laws of Yemen. The official permission to publish the new newspaper came at the right time after years of struggle in courtrooms and ministries.
The public see the legal publication of Sawt Al-Shoura as a victory for the party, especially as the original newspaper was among the most widely read ones in Yemen. The party underwent tremendous pressure by the authorities for opposing the constitutional amendments and for its potential future role in again opposing the expected amendments to the Election Law.