SC to Sort out Tribal Vengeance [Archives:2001/19/Front Page]

May 7 2001

Last Saturday the 111 members of the Shura Council(SC) took an oath of office before President Ali Abdullah. The president pointed out that the main problem they should address is the question of tribal vengeance which caught society in a deep turmoil of violence and killings. He stressed that the SC will not do a routine job as anticipated. Rather it will have to tackle serious issues like that of retaliation. He added that the presidency would give new responsibilities and grant special privileges to the SC in addition to those mentioned in the Constitution. He confirmed that Yemen has settled all its border disputes with countries in a peaceful manner and now it should focus on development which is seriously hit by internal problems like retaliation.” Security is the key element we have to achieve after restructuring the constitutional fabric of the country. There is no excuse now for the security mess”, he observed.