July 9 2001

An Italian-Hollander medical team that carried out voluntary open-heart surgeries was shocked and dismayed by the irresponsible actions of the management of Al-Thawrah Hospital. Dr. Abdullah Rawih Noman, the Coordinator of the team told YT that the management charged fees from the patients to the tune of USD 2,000 without any justification as the operations were all free of charge.
“We even inspected the heart center at the hospital and made sure to bring all the missing tools from Italy so as not to cause the hospital any losses. The operations were all on our own expenses and were 100% voluntary.
What happened had put me in an embarrassing situation with my European colleagues who were shocked for this action,” Dr. Noman said.
“The Heart Disease Center of the hospital may need support. But we actually brought all that was needed for the operations and patients. I cannot understand why the center had charged such high amounts from the patients,” he added.
Dr. Noman also said that there were a number of patients in dire need for those surgeries but were kicked out of the hospital because they couldn’t pay the high fees.
“There were many other agreements to bring voluntary doctors in a similar fashion every three months, but with such actions by the hospital’s management, those groups would surely be discouraged to come,” he concluded.