SCANDAL at Sana’a Municipality [Archives:2000/10/Front Page]

March 6 2000

Hundreds of Sana’a Municipality cleaning workers gathered last Monday in front of the Presidency Office Building demanding to have their overdue wages and salaries paid to them. Security forces were surrounding the area ready to control any acts of violence. The workers were protesting against their horrible conditions. They chanted slogans requesting the President to do justice to them and order their officials to pay their overdue three-month salaries. Besides, they have not received even their Ramadhan premiums. Day laborers in street cleaning are also greatly worried about their wages and employment. Their daily wages do not exceed three hundred riyals, which they have to accept or get sacked. 
In fact, these garbage collectors are living in a state of neglect by officials of Sana’a Municipality (the Capital Secretariat). The Workers’ Protest lead the President to issue his orders to the Minister of Construction and Urban Planning and the Mayor of the Capital Secretariat which set a three-day time-limit to settle the matter. In the meantime the Government has insisted that such demonstrations will be no longer tolerated or allowed. More on