Scary or lack of confidence? [Archives:2006/944/Community]

May 8 2006

By: Barkatullah Marwat

Our foreign minister, Mr Khurshid Kasuri repeating his complaint said, 'US attitude on civil N-tech is inappropriate.' It took me back to my school days when an inspection team from the office of the regional director had a visit to our school. That day our school looked quite beautiful as it was clean and neat, and properly whitewashed since it was the annual inspection of the educational institutes. Well, the officials came, inspected the classes, served with roasted chickens and drove back to another school.

Next day, I heard two teachers murmuring about something that was perhaps not brought to the notice of the inspection team. I could not make out whether they were afraid of the team, headmaster or they lacked confidence.

Strange enough when Mr Bush visited Pakistan recently, no body could ever dare to ask him why he was drawing lines between two arch rivals by supporting the one with civilian nuclear arsenal while what's the mistake of the second one?

Interestingly, the said minister [Mr Kasuri] got to receive the American President, but he did not say anything, even a whisper to Mr Bush. Now we have come out to water our field when the flow of water in cannal dried up. Perhaps they are unaware of the English maxim, 'Strike while the iron is hot.'

What I am sensing is that our leaders are either scared of Mr Bush or they lack self-confidence that's why we have always happened to lag behind India in almost all fields though both of us got independence on the same day.