SCER postpones announcing local elections results [Archives:2006/987/Local News]

October 5 2006

SANA'A, Oct. 4 ) The Supreme Committee for Elections and Referendum postponed the announcement of the local elections results, attributing its decision to the difficulties and problems hindering the arrival of the final results from all districts.

All committee members agreed on postponing the results until all minutes from the supervisory and primary committees are accumulated according to the law.

The committee declared last Monday that 90 percent of vote-count was complete. The initial results of the local elections declared so far showed the victory of the General People Congress with over than 80 percent in the provincial councils and 70 percent in districts' councils.

Out of the 425 available seats the GPC won 338 seats with 80 percent, followed by the Islah party with 31 seats that is equal to and then the Socialist Party wining 12 seats. The Socialist Nationalist Party got just one seat and the independents won 25 seats with a percentage of 6 percent.

Out of 6900 seats assigned for the municipal councils, the ruling GPC party won 4950 seats and the Islah Party received 784 seats while the Socialist Party won 168.

The Nasserite Party got 52 seats and the Public Forces Union won 8 seats and Nationalist Ba'ath received two seats. While the Arab Ba'ath, al-Haq Party and the Democratic Union of Public Forces received one seat each and the independents won 578 seats.

The number of contested vote-count results of the municipal councils nationwide reached 245, with the exception being i the capital and Aden governorate where no cases reported.

Taiz governorate recorded the high percentage of contested ballots with 54, followed by Amran with 21, Ibb 17, Sa'ada 16, Mareb 15, according to Dr. Ghazi al-Aghbari, Minister of Justice.

The numbers of contested ballots in Hodeidah reached 24 and 12 appeals were reported in the Appeal Court of Sana'a and Al-Jawf and the same number in Al-Dhala'e and 11 appeals in al-Mahweet, 8 appeals in al-Baidha and Dhamar and then Abyan with 7 appeals; while five appeals were recorded in Shabowah, Lahj, and al-Mukalla, two appeals in al-Mahara and one in Sayun.

Ghazi added that Hajja, Shabowah, and Rayamah appeal courts has decided upon the contests and further the assistant authorities including chairmen of primary courts are looking into the issues put before them across the republic according to the available appeals and documents.

The submitted appeals will be resolved by the appeal courts after ten days from the date in which the assistant authorities presented their opinions.