Scholar connects cardiac problems to faith [Archives:2007/1052/Local News]

May 21 2007

SANA'A, May 20 ) For the first time in Yemen, health problems are discussed along with related spiritual issues emphasizing the strong relationship between the person's physical health and importance of spirituality that brings about peace of mind. This came during a symposium sponsored by NATCO, sole agent in Yemen for Bayer Health Care Company, last Saturday in Sana'a .

During the symposium Dr. Khalid Al-Aghbari, cardiologist, and Shiekh Wijdi Ghunaim, the prominent religious scholar, presented the major problems that infect heart both phyically and spiritually.

Al-Aghbari listed the major cardiac health problems such as rheumatic fever, hypertension, and heart attacks. Also, he mentioned the causes of these problems and the ways that should be followed to prevent their occurence as well as how to deal with them if they occur.

Al-Aghbabri maintained also that patients who have already undergone any cardiac problems or those who have any symptoms should use Aspirin because it prevents blood clotting and consequently decreases the potential of the infection.

After that, shiekh Wijdi Ghunain delivered a lecture highlighting the islamic teathings that keeps people's hearts ( in the spritual sense of the word) safe from any problems. He also emphasized on the imporatnce of the ideal dealing and intimacy between husbands and thier wives in Islam as taught by the prophet Mohammed (PBUH). According to Ghunaim, a good relationship between a husband and his wife is of a great significance because it helps prevent any problems that may affect both of them physically or mentally.