Scholars to refute claims on suppression of Shite’s in Yemen [Archives:2005/837/Local News]

April 28 2005

Yemen is now preparing a statement to debunk the claims of the Shi'i establishment stating that the government's recent anti-rebel assault in Sa'dah was an oppression of Shi'is.

According to the 26 September weekly, the Association of Religious Scholars would discredit the “fabrications”” of the Najaf-based establishment that “”a recent government action against a deviant group of vandals”” was a sort of a war against followers of the Shi'i sect.

Many political sources considered the statement of the Shi'i establishment on the Sa'dah events “”an outrageous intrusion into Yemen's internal affairs””. One source said “”the establishment should have turned its concern to the regrettable events in its own country