Schools’ human rights abuses condemned [Archives:2004/747/Front Page]

June 17 2004

The National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms (HOOD), in a press release, confirmed that it had received a number of complaints concerning a number of female students, in different schools, who have encountered repeatedly violations of their rights inside schools' premises. The violations are in the forms of bans on entering schools, detention inside schools' storage rooms and temporary suspensions on the pretext of “violating school uniform regulations”.
HOOD denounces such practices and infringements of the personal rights of students, guaranteed by various human rights' pacts and conventions and protected also by Yemeni laws and the constitution. It rejects such acts and practices since there is no binding law or regulation issued for such violations.
HOOD considers that such practices fall into the category of violence against women, and they divert schools from their educational role. Schools must not violate laws, but rather teach the new generations to respect them.
HOOD calls on the related and concerned authorities to form immediately a commission of inquiry to look into this case in order to eliminate such practices and to punish the perpetrators.