Sciences Conference 99 Inaugurated [Archives:1999/42/Local News]

October 18 1999

Yemeni Scientific Researches Association organized the conference of the year 99 for Sciences in Aden city from 11-13 of October. 180 Yemeni scientists participated in the conference. They discussed the basic scientific researches.
The conference ended its works at Aden Hotel Movenpick in the presence of Dr. Yahya Al-Shoaibi, Minister of Education and Mr. Taha Qhanim, governor of Aden. Dr. Mostafa Haran, vice-chairman of the Yemeni Scientific Researches Association praised and welcomed the participants, who contributed in this conference. He praised the private sector on its participation in the activity of the scientific corporation.
The speech which delivered in the inauguration of the conference by Dr. Abdulkareem Al-Iryani was appreciated and welcomed by all the attendance. They called upon the private sector to support the Scientific Association. The conference marked 11th of October of every year as the day of Science, whom the scientists, creative and researchers are being honored on this occasion. They indicated that the association should hold a meeting every year.
The conference recommended Ministry of Agriculture to use new technology for the natural resources, and to make plans of the new projects concerning buildings. There should be a meteorological center of earthquakes in Dhamar.
They presented their congratulations to President Ali Saleh on his success in the new presidency and thank him for his support to this conference.
Dr. Mostafa Haran, the counselor of the President and the vice chairman of the Yemeni Scientific Researches Association said ” we are very happy to see this conference holding in the city of Aden. The participation of the national and international scientists was successful and distinguished. The conference aimed at recognizing the different scientific researches. It gave opportunity to all researchers to recognize the scientific materials. This conference expressed the activity of the successful corporation. It created a relationship between the scientists and the private sector to support the economic and social development in Yemen. Again we say that the aim of this conference is to serve the private sector via the scientific researches in Yemen”.
Ridhwan Al-Saqqaf
Aden Bureau Chief