Scientific Academy: A step to improve health sector performance [Archives:2005/847/Health]

June 2 2005
Photo from archived article: photos/847/health1_1
Photo from archived article: photos/847/health1_1
By Amel Mohammed Al-Ariqi
Yemen Times Staff

It is a well-known fact that doctors must be kept updated about the latest medical advances, researches and inventions. But because of the lack of specialized libraries that offer such valuable information, it becomes difficult for doctors in Yemen to improve their scientific performance and knowledge. The scientific academic sector is considered a new establishment in Al-Gumhory Hospital. It was built in January 2002, to improve the functional performance of the medical staff of the hospital. To find out the activities and work of the sector we meet the director of the scientific academy Dr. Mohmmed Al-Badani.

What are the objectives of Scientific Academy?

The aims of this sector are to develop the scientific activities of all sections of the hospitals. We present weekly lectures, and scientific seminars. The academy is working to qualify the staff and the nurses by giving them training courses in computer, Internet, and English. We aim to develop the functional performance of not just the doctors in the hospital; we aim to train the executive staff of the hospital.

What are the activities of the academy?

There are many activities. We take the opportunity of any visiting foreign medical team to our country, to invite them to visit our sector and ask them to give lectures to the doctors, nurses. For example, when the Austrian team visited Yemen, they offered many lectures in February. Recently the Jordanian team made valuable lectures about the radiation therapy. Many organizations relevant to childhood and motherhood, and those relevant to ministry of health can use the auditorium to offer their lectures.

How is the academy supported?

Well, the Scientific Academy is a result of the efforts of many individuals and authorities, such as Dr. Abdullh Alhamidi, ex- director of Al-Gumhory Hospital and Mr. Nabeel Shamsan, agent of civil service who help us a lot to connect with different universities in Sana'a. For example we have been provided by tens of scientific books from the university of Science and Technology. We bought books that cost about 8000 to 10000 $. So we have a library that contains different kinds of scientific and medical books. We also prepared ten computers that connected with Internet to be available for the doctors and students. There are about 400 CDs that used as illustrative and explanatory means through the lectures.

What about funding and equipment?

When we decided to open the academy we tried to fulfill specific needs and requirements. And since the Al-Gumhory Hospital's budget is small, we began to cooperate with private universities and public universities such as Sana'a University and the university of Technology and Science. We also connected with some organizations and medical companies.

Now the management of the hospital, stand by Dr. Nabeel Dhaban, specifies some money from the local support to supply the scientific academic sector.

In the future we are going to cooperate with international organizations such as WHO and UNSCO, and the private sector.

The sector still needs many illustrative equipments and means such as T.V, video, computers..etc.

How updated is the academy with the international research and developments?

We attempt through the library, regular lectures and Internet to keep the doctors in touch with the last and most advanced medical researches. We had a project to prepare a scientific medical magazine by which we can publish the researches of our doctors and that would interact the researching activities. However, we faced financial and technical difficulties that prevented as to finish this project. Now we try to communicate with relevant organizations that interested in scientific searching. We need also to connect with the medical magazine in Sana'a University, and the university of Science and Technology to publish the researches. We have already sent them 6 searches that depend on personal efforts of the doctors and they put some comments on those searches to justify them to be good for publishing.