Scientific concept of updating of customsSales tax pushes poor to verge of living standard deterioration [Archives:2005/862/Business & Economy]

July 25 2005

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The updating of the customs authority in Yemen receives a special significance, because of the relation of the authority with the official efforts to update and reform the Civil Services. This interpenetrates with many concepts, like those of change and development. It is important to know the aim of this updating because Yemen is now adopting a program of reforming its economy to cope with the changes around it, in order to join the World Trade Organization.

However the implementation of the sales tax at the beginning of July 2005 drove the poor to the verge of brake down. The prices witness

Skyrocketing, that is out of the reach of the poor purchase ability.

Experts say: The Yemeni project for updating didn't' come out of the blues. It is an interaction with regional and international frame work, expressing the political, economical and cultural environment around us. But the sales tax is new to the Yemeni community and people could hardly understand its economical or financial importance.

This grave condition necessitates a two fold tracks to update the customs and develop our local industry. These are:

A Hard Ware and Soft Ware trends. The first is expressed by the accessories and the technological equipments. The second one is realized by the data and its accompanying values. Our personal contribution to both constituents is of vital importance for the consolidation of technology and development and hence implementation of the customs.

Experts continue to say that: The Yemeni program for modernization of Yemeni industries should necessarily adopt a distinct track in its aims, responsibilities, and the proposed steps. This needs to set a matrix of the necessary executive procedures in the short and long runs for the future phase.

Consumers think that the concept of the taxes should be cleared, because it will determine the aim of how to update levying of customs in a scientific manner.

All the international indicators and studies in the industrial countries assert that the 21st century industrial concept is quite different from the one which used to be half a century ago. As the modernization of the customs in the Arab world is relatively new, Yemen should make use of the successful experiences, in order not to undermine its industries and complicate things for their people.

Experts say the new industrial concept is quite broad. It constitutes the application of basic sciences and technology; meet the needs of education, development, and the high productivity of the individuals. Whereas the concept of the sales tax is still ambiguous in peoples' minds, because the merchants make them understand that it is only a raise of prices.

In the light of the international defiance, reflected by the agreements of the Gat and the liberalization of trade, added to it, the debates on the conflict of civilizations and western culture domination, 'the Yemeni customs and industry modernization” becomes a must. After all the modernization and industrialization, means a number of modern concepts. It means the economical reform, public peace, political stability and democracy. It also means food security for the Yemeni individual and the close follow up of prices.

People think that Taxes and customs are legal procedures; however be they sales or income taxes. It is a commitment that citizens should comply with in return for the services they receive. It is a taboo for any one to evade it. People don't want sales tax to be a source of nuisance that aggravates their miseries.