Scientific Conference in Hadramout University [Archives:2000/04/Local News]

January 24 2000

The university of Science and Technology in Hadramout governorate will organize the first scientific conference about clayey architecture in the 21st century. This conference will take place from February 10 to 12, 2000. In addition to the Yemeni universities, there are a number of the Arab and international universities, which will participate in this conference like Emirates, Saudi, Iraq, Britain and UNESCO for culture and arts.
The conference will seek for mechanism of development of architecture. It will deal with the designing and planning characteristics of the clayey buildings, and the way through which we can preserve them. The conference also will make a comparative study between those buildings and the new style of the modern buildings. There will be an inauguration of the big exhibition of clayey architecture in Yemen, and other activities in the cities of Sayoun, Tareem and Shibam.