Scientific techniques required forDevelopment of renewable natural resources [Archives:2005/868/Business & Economy]

August 15 2005

Practical studies and researches on renewable natural resources indicated there is a limitation in the construction of complete bases for natural resources and stressed the necessity to bring modern techniques. A great priority was given to protecting natural resources from depletion to ensure high agricultural production.

The studies argue that the current challenges facing the renewable natural resources in Yemen are mainly the improper ways of exploitation that cause their loss of productive power.

According to those studies and researches, there is a need for studying the ground resources at the national level through making the national map for the Yemeni soil and the use of lands.

Soil should be classified to ease the management and investment of natural resources in a sustainable way, and detailed studies have to be done to detect deterioration of lands and assess the loss of soil through water and desertification.

At the regional level, scientific researches indicate there is a persistent need for specifying the suitable agricultural processes, improving the use of fertilizers and assigning any alternatives for them that have less impact on environment and introducing new methods for a proper management of soil and land.

Needs in the field of water resources, according to these studies, are reflected in improving methods of water use, conducting studies and surveys and studying the natural green cover, examining its economic value.

The scientific papers made a mention of great problems encountering the renewable natural resources including erosion, lack of fertile soil and increase of salty soil due to an extravagant irrigation and soil pollution.

On the problems are the extravagant use of water and the lack of modern water techniques, the scientific studies focused on the current challenges that face the natural resources in particular and the agricultural sector in general.