SEC-IFES Colloquium Concluded [Archives:1999/12/Front Page]

March 22 1999

A 4-day gathering of experts organized by the Supreme Elections Commission (SEC) in cooperation with the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES), was successfully concluded on 18th March, 1999. Local and international experts and officials met to discus means of improving the administration and procedures of the election process. 
The 60 or so experts met in 6 election-related work groups – voter education and awareness; the election system; voter registration; election day procedures and vote count; independence and neutrality of the SEC; and election administration and training. 
In a well-thought out concluding statement, the experts recommended incorporating voter education into the national educational curriculum; helping candidates finance their campaigns; opening branch offices of the SEC; including women in all levels of administration; making the date for candidate withdrawal earlier to facilitate printing of ballots; and emphasizing comprehensive training for election workers. 
The SEC promised to consider these points in organizing the next elections.