Secessionists Sentenced [Archives:1998/13/Front Page]

March 30 1998

The North-Sanaa court has on Monday, March 23 issued its verdict regarding the 16 secessionist leaders, who are tried in absentia accused of starting the 1994 war and declaring the secession of southern Yemen.
Tried for high treason, Ali Salim Al-Beedh, Hayder Abu Bakar Al-Attas, Saleh Munasser Al-Sayli, Haytham Qassem Taher, and Saleh Obaid Ahmed were all sentenced to death.
Abdulrahman Ali Al-Jifri was sentenced to a suspended 10 imprisonment. Anees Hassan Yahya and Saleh Mohammed Jibran were sentenced to a suspended five years imprisonment.
Suleiman Nasser Masoud was sentenced to a suspended 7 years imprisonment.
Obaid Ahmed Bin Daghr was sentenced to a suspended 3 years imprisonment.
Qassem Slaeh Abdulrabb Afif and Saleh Shayif Hussein were aquitted.
The bank accounts of the people sentenced to death, those of their relative, or those working for them are to be confiscated.
The sentenced have also to pay blood money to the families of the people who died during the war and compensation for the injured ones.