Second Batch of Deminers [Archives:1999/12/Local News]

March 22 1999

Brigadier Qassim Al Shaibani, Director of the National Demining Program, stated that a second training program for deminers was started on Saturday, 20 March. Some 200 Yemeni antipersonnel deminers who are to work in the field, are enrolled. The course, in Aden, will continue till the end of July. 
American experts will supervise the training. 
It is worth mentioning here that the first batch of Yemeni antipersonnel deminers graduated last December, representing the managerial and supervisory cadres of the program. 
The next phase, according to priorities listed by the National Committee on Demining, is the fieldwork which will begin in August. The United States contributed US $800,000 to finance the program while the Japanese government is co-financing the program with a recently announced donation of US$ 500,000.