Second ChildhoodForum in full swing [Archives:2003/658/Community]

August 11 2003

By Salah Saleh Ahmed
Yemen Times Staff

TAIZ_ Under the motto of ''Yemen's Future Originating From Childhood'', the Second one-month long Childhood Forum was held by the Childhood Forum Society at Taiz-based Arwa School starting from July 17.
Around 120 children are taking part in the forum where a special attention to those children has been paid.
The focal point has been mainly concentrated on those children who enjoy high talents, skills and have a sense of leadership.
The forum has included several schools within three districts.
As for the nature and main objectives of the forum, Mr. Abdulbaset Assabri said:
“The forum aims at informing children with their rights, practicing them, and how to gain skills and experiences necessary for preparing their capabilities as children for a future leadership,” Mr. Assabri said.
Other multi-purpose activities have been still performed in the field of Qura'an teachings, English and French language, competition, music, libraries, sport activities, calligraphy, painting, engravings and handicraft works.
Other open weekly amusing activities have been also performed by the forum organizers.
On the sidelines of the forum, a seminar was held on August 9 in the context of child human rights from religious and international perspectives.
A seminar was delivered by Mr. Showki al-Qadhi, a member of the parliament.
In order to make a success of the forum, around 15 trainees had taken part and that efforts have been exerted, Mrs. Amat Arrahman Ibraheem Jehhaf, the Arwa School Principal and the Chairwomen of the Childhood Forum Society noted.
She further addressed the concerned bodies to pay an attention for childhood issues whether in that forum or other forums.
The forum's main objective aims basically to include the marginalized children classes with the aim of bridging the gab and eradicate disintegration among them.
On his part, Mr. Ayyoub al-Qasemi, the media representative for Dia, a foreign investment organization in Yemen, said that 10 children representing the marginalized classes had been included to attend the forum.
“This has been done with the view of giving them much opportunity to make easy contacts and social integration among them,” Mr. al-Qasem remarked.