Second Tourism Festival events Inauguration [Archives:2004/771/Culture]

September 9 2004

By Salah Saleh Ahmed
Yemen Times staff

The Inauguration of events for the second Tourism Festival (Ibb, al-Suddah, & Dhofar – 2004) was carried out Saturday 21st August 2004, in Dhofar area, Ibb Governorate. These events and activities were organized by the leadership of the Local authority in the Governorate and in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture & Tourism. It lasted for the period between 21st until 28th of August. It aimed to showcase the heritage of civilization of the Ibb Governorate, and promote tourism in the area, in the hope that the Governorate can become the tourism capital of Yemen.
The Minister of Culture & Tourism, Khaled al-Rowaishan, has emphasized the vast importance of these tourism festivals in generating tourism awareness and encouraging the internal and external tourism. He hoped that other governorates follow in the footsteps of the Ibb Governorate by setting up tourism festivals and holding them as yearly tradition.
He said in a declaration to Yemen Times, “Dhofar town is in an historical location, with all that the word means, and it contains large numbers of great antiques. The phenomenon of the festival is a good and excellent type of event and we are always enthusiastic for them”.
The minister also announced the Ministry's intention to enlarge and develop the Dhofar Museum next month, and to equip it with all the necessary facilities, he then addressed his wishes to all the guests who were present, and to those who organized the inauguration, especially, the Local council in the Governorate and the Governorate's leadership.
On his turn, Mr. Amin al-Warafi, the general secretary of the Local council in the Governorate, announced on behalf of the Governor, that the value of the Arab investments during this year have exceeded US$30 million, and he added that the benefits of this tourism festival have already started showing, primarily through the enthusiasm of several men interested in investing in tourism in the Governorate (one of whom is a Qatarian business man, Abdullah Al Jaber, who has disclosed his intention to establish a tourism resort value at US$15 million to be inaugurated in the current year).
Two speeches were given by the preparation committee of the festival. The first speech was delivered by Amin al-Arhabi; the second was delivered by Miss Najeebah al-Ma'mari, the general secretary of the Local council in al-Naderah District. She Referred to the goals of the festival, its importance, and the role of women in contributing towards making the festival a success. Folklore presentations and popular dances were then performed to the accompaniment of the popular verses and chants by the bands of al-Naderah, Ba'dan, al-Suddah, al-A'smas, and Yerim districts, all of which were admired by the attendants.
The Minister of Culture and Tourism, accompanied by a number of ministers, and Parliament members, (in addition to a number of the governors), then made a visit to Dhofar museum and admired the handy crafts, the ancient jewels, and the distinguished popular clothes, and then went on to visit Damt Raidan and the ancient water tanks.
On Sunday 22nd August, the culture center hall witnessed a forum conducted under the title “sites and opportunities of tourism investment in Ibb Governorate” in which Mr. Amin al-Warafi, the General Secretary of the Local Council, clarified the importance of tourism to the Ibb Governorate and the necessity of looking to avail the tourism industry there.