Secondary level results are out:Ba Jamal: “High school for the bright students will be established next year.” [Archives:2005/873/Front Page]

September 1 2005

Mohammed bin Sallam
Sana'a – 31st Aug, YT: Secondary level results were announced yesterday for science and literary students around the republic. The overall result revealed that for the fifth year in a row girls proved brighter than boys in grades. The pass percentage reached 77% of the overall students, which is a similar percentage to the intermediate level school results.

In his statement to the press Prime Minister Abdulqadir Bajamal emphasised on the need for drastic change in the education system in order to coup with the international standards. “Education is the key to humanitarian progress, it is the key to the development of our country and therefore we have to implement new systems that would go in line with the era we are living in and do not originate from political concepts or foundations. I don't want our youth to need to travel abroad in order to seek better education and find themselves not capable of competing with their classmates because they studied in an efficient educational system in Yemen. And this is why we need an urgent strategy that would elevate the level of education with the emphasis on English as an international language for science and communication” Mr. Bajamal commented in his speech at the press conference.

In the conclusion of his speech the prime minister declared establishing a new school for the bright students next year in the capital city and all governorates. Minister of Education Mr. Abdulsalam al-Jawifi attended the event and in his speech he narrated the various educational projects and programs that were implemented during the previous academic year 2004/2005 and the future ambitions for the sector. “The Ministry of Education has been able to provide more than 600,000 double desk for students with the assistance of the state and donors as well as print more than 56,000,000 school book for the various stages of school education primary and secondary with a total cost of 7 billion Yemeni Riyals. We provided 5300 school broadcast equipment, and furnished more than 500 school laboratories that cost more than one billion Yemeni Riyals. Simultaneously in the frame of our employment strategy we have replaced about 2029 Arab teachers with Yemeni cadre and distributed 6000 teachers to the various governorates and rural areas around the republic, in addition to hiring 10,100 teachers on contract bases from outside the Ministry as a third batch of teachers.” Dr. al-Jawfi, said. He also added that what has been achieved during the previous duration are significant steps as the Ministry send more than 60 million US Dollars in the academic year 2004/2005 for qualifying teachers and the Ministry is expected to avail about 180 million dollars from the donors for the coming year in order to assist in reforming the educational system and implementing new educational strategies which were estimated by the Ministry to cost about 350 million US dollars hoped to be obtained from donor countries.