Security & anti-terror topped agenda of Yemen-Ethiopia talksSecurity relations enhanced [Archives:2003/654/Front Page]

July 28 2003

Hassan Al-Zaidi
The Yemeni-Ethiopian discussions conducted by president Ali Abdullah Saleh with the Ethiopian prime minister Meles Zenawi during the president's recent visit to Addis Ababa 20-22 July, focused mainly on a number of security issues and anti-terror campaign.
In the joint statement issued at the end of the visit and talks by the two sides put emphasis on promoting cooperation in all fields among the tripartite grouping countries, (Yemen, Ethiopia and Sudan).
That grouping will not target and not meant against any other country and would not influence the tripartite grouping countries' relations with other countries, welcoming accession any of the region's countries to it.
The statement has described the grouping as aimed at enhancing security, stability and peace in the region as well as consolidating economic, political and security cooperation particularly in the fighting of terror.
On his part, the Ethiopian premier Meles Zenawi had said earlier that the tripartite grouping was aimed at enhancing peace and stability in the region and consolidating bilateral cooperation and activating investments. He added that the grouping was not having any conspiratorial aims and not an introverted organization but rather open to any country believing in cooperation and work for peace. He said any country in the region believing the essential principles of the grouping is welcome to join.
On the other hand Sana'a is expected to host a meeting of the foreign ministers of Yemen, Ethiopia and Sudan in next August or September.