Security arrangements made to ensure smooth celebrations in Aden:Aden embraces revolution festivities [Archives:2003/676/Front Page]

October 13 2003

Ridhwan Al-Saqqaf
Aden, Oct 12 ) Dr. Mohammed Al-Shuaibi, the governor of Aden governorate has said that after the outbreak of September 26 Revolution, 1962 and the victory achieved by the free officers over the era of tyranny, new political concepts and culture of ideology had been laid especially after Yemen had lived at times similar to mediaeval centuries.
The Yemeni people managed to defeat the Imamate regime of Aal Hameed Addin family.
On the morning of that day, the free revolutionaries seized al-Bashaer Palace in the capital Sana'a and declared the republic of Yemen.
After triumph of September revolution in the north, the revolutionaries in the British-occupied south were resisting the British colonialism by implementing and operations and using the arms struggle which lasted for 4 years till 1967, the year when the last British soldier was evacuated from southern Yemen.
Governor Al-Shaibi has pointed out that Yemen is today living a grand carnival at the dear anniversaries of the 26 September revolution and 14 October revolution.
In celebration of this day, president Ali Abdullah Saleh is sharing the sons of the Aden governorate their festivities of the September and October revolutions, adding that under leadership of president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen is witnessing developments at economic and social levels as well as stabilization of the long-awaited blessed unity.
-Stabilization of democracy has lifted Yemen to the level of civilized country in the world,) Dr. Al-Shaibi added.
Dr. Al-Shaibi also indicated that after 4 decades, Yemen has achieved economic development and prominent status regionally and internationally.
The wise policy of president Saleh has realized more gains in economic development and raising the citizens” living standards, concluding that many projects will be opened and foundations stones will be laid for more than 45 other projects in the governorate of Aden
On the other hand, the Aden Governorate's Security Manager Staff Brigadier General Mohamed S. Turaiq said on Saturday that Aden governorate was ready to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 14th of October revolution, to take place on Tuesday in Aden City.
“The 40th anniversary of the blessed 14th of October revolution has come in a time Aden governorate and Yemen as a whole enjoy unprecedented security. We have carried out all necessary procedures to ensure smooth celebrations on this occasion throughout the governorate of Aden. During the last 4 decades, several achievements have been accomplished in the local and external arenas, including the blessed unification on 22 May 1990.” Turaiq said.
Turaiq added that all security forces and units in the southern parts of the country have been prepared to ensure the best of security conditions in an organized fashion. “The security administration of Aden has prepared a complete and comprehensive plan to ensure safety and security of the governorate and its guests. We have done this by setting up a team of security soldiers who have been trained professionally to rise to the expectations of our leadership and people. They are now excited and delighted to receive this important occasion with a high spirit of nationalism and pride.” he added.
“Furthermore, traffic regulations have been enhanced tremendously, and all streets in the city have been maintained properly to receive the guests of Aden City in an honorable manner.”
Turaiq called upon citizens of Aden to abide by the law and receive the guests of Aden with high spirit and hospitality as usual. “We will be honored to receive the president of the Republic H.E. Ali Abdullah Saleh to celebrate with his people in Aden this important occasion, on which we pray to God to bestow his blessings on all Yemenis.”
Aden is planned to celebrate this occasion to be patronized by President Saleh and attended by prominent officials of the government and guests from other countries. The celebration ceremony to be held on the morning of Tuesday at the 22 May Square of Aden City with military parades and fascinating carnival with the participation of thousands of youths from Aden.