Security attacks MP [Archives:2007/1064/Front Page]

July 2 2007

Saddam Al-Ashmouri
SANA'A, July 1 ) The Guards of the prison affiliated to the Authority of Passports and Migration attacked human rights activist and parliament member Mr. Ahmed Saif Hashed, who entered the jail in order to investigate the accusations of the death of several foreign inmates inside the prison. In addition, they have taken him to custody and they confiscated his parliamentary card, his mobile, and his camera.

” I was informed at 12pm, Thursday, that an Eritrean immigrant, namely Ibraham, who has been at the Passport Authority's prison for a year, died under ambiguous circumstances. So I went to investigate the issue,” said Hashed.

” While I was introducing myself to prisoners and listening to their complains from the prisons' window, an officer shouted at me, and came down with other one wearing plain clothes to attack me,” Hashed described.

According to his statement, Hashed told the officer, before the attack, that he (Hashedi) is a human rights committee member at the parliament, but that did not prevent the security from kicking and beating him and his company.

“I was accompanied by a journalist called Sanad Soliman. Although we showed our I.D. cards, they took our camera and our mobiles and they put us in jail” said Hasid “my friend was accused of facilitating my entry to the prison” he added.

Hashed and the reporter left the prison at 5 O'clock pm, after they received their stuff along with their camera but with zero photo (all photos were deliberately deleted).

” I have noted the miserable dramatic circumstances that prisoners are living in this prison, ” he commented, adding, “There were three Christian immigrants died two months ago due to hunger and thirsty.”

No one was available in Passport Authority to comment on Hashed's statement.

This is not the first time that Hashed faced security as a human rights activist, as in mid June, the Political Security prevented him to visit its prisons in Sana'a. At that time, the activist stated that the security is preventing parliamentarians from visiting such locations to hide the violations and tortures committed by prison officers against detainees.