Security Authorities remain Silent, while war continues for four Years between two Tribes [Archives:2005/849/Local News]

June 9 2005

The tribal war between ( Bani Omer) of Ibb Governorate , and (Kardan) of Dhamar , which is still continuing for (4)years now. It claimed a great number of lives, and assets.

Last week in Maghreb Ans, in Dhamar Goverorate , a woman called (Hailah l- Hatami ) and her son were seriously injured .A grenade was thrown at them by members of a rival tribe.

Her two legs were amputated. Her child's leg was also amputated. The wounded woman ( Hailah Al- Hatami) says that she is the only who looks after her twelve kids after the death of her husband in the same war more than a year ago. This war is continuing between these two tribes for four years now . It claimed more than (24) lives and (100) wounded from the two tribes.

This war which is going on since 2003is considered to be one of the fiercest and bloodiest conflict between tribes, that Yemen has ever seen . Light machine guns , and a number of heavy guns are used. The warring parties don't care for human measures and women and children are often targeted in this war. Two thirds of those who are dead and wounded are women and children, in addition to the other losses of the two tribes.

Four villages had been displaced after their houses had been entirely destroyed. Hundreds of animals died. A large area of fertile land and wadies were destroyed. Their income was estimated to be thirty million Yr according to some of the local inhabitants.

According to those who came from the area the security and judicial authorities in the two Governorates have done nothing to settle this bloody conflict.