Security Business in Yemen [Archives:2001/27/Focus]

July 2 2001

Mohammed Ali Alanisi
Yemen Private Security
Those involved with the security of the private sector should clearly understand that security is not just another job; it is by all means a responsibility .Therefore , professional security staff should carefully
1- define the boundaries of the business which security is being provided for;
2- specify the map of the business operation sites;
3- highlight all the prospective security problems;
4- conduct risk evaluation through a historical study of the security situation related to the type of business (by area and tribal affiliation); and most importantly.
5- keep a list of authorities contacts, in addition to all possible support alternatives.
Defining Security Business Boundaries:
The factors involved in defining the boundaries of a business must include: work force locals- non locals (expatriates); assets and vulnerability to damage, possibility of hi-jacking and abduction.
Map of operation sites:
The operation sites map should include all the locations of the company’s fixed assets in addition to wherever the operation vehicles and on-duty-personnel are scheduled to go through at the time of the project.
Prospective Security problems
This factor fluctuates at the level of risk depending on the overall political and economic variations. (These situations must be constantly monitored).
Risk Evaluation
Statistics are available officially or through other existing businesses. The geographical security breakdown divides Yemen into four sections;
— North and North-Eastern areas (bedouins);
— Mountainous area (mixture of tribal affiliation);
— Coastal areas; and
— Others
One should keep in mind that the tribal factor is as effective as the political factor in evaluating the security situation in a designated area.
The Yemeni Government is trying hard to formalize a security system to help the business sector. The Ministry of Interior (MOI) and the Ministry of Defense (MOD) are the main official contacts through their Joint Control Center that is linked directly to the highest official authorities. Moreover, social figures also are effective in some areas (mainly in the tribal section).
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