Security Forces Clash with Citizens in Dhalie [Archives:2000/19/Front Page]

May 8 2000

The governor of Dhalie Mr. Al-Gunaid said that during the campaigns of confiscating weapons in preparation for marking the 10th anniversary of Yemen’s Unification Day some clashes took place last Saturday at a check-point erected at the entrance of Dhalie city when some persons refused to turn in their weapons to the security force manning the check-point. The incident began when a person hurled stones at a security man who in turn opened fire on him and was taken to hospital for treating his injury. The governor denied the killing of any citizen in the clashes. He added that he had formed an investigating team to determine who was the first responsible for it.
On the other hand Dhalie security chief gave statements quite contrary to those of the governor saying one soldier and one citizen were killed in the incident. He has further said that deputy chairman of Dhalie branch of the General People’s Conference car came under fire and that four persons were injured including a passerby in addition to the injury of three soldiers who were rushed to hospital.
In another development opposition parties coordination council issued a statement denouncing the security forces actions of killing and storming citizens houses.
The statement issued Saturday evening said that the series of violence was still going on and referred to the incidents that resulted in the killing of the student Ghassan Qassim Maniee and opening fire on the student Yahya Omar Mazaki after the security men had attacked a citizen and beat him after they dragged him from his car.
The statement accused soldiers of the central security of carrying out those attacks, shelling the two villages of Jaleela and Maashaq in addition to randomly firing at the citizens on the highway.
The statement has held the authority responsible the subsequent developments, calling on it to contain the situation to prevent bloodshed and, sending soldiers to their barracks and calling to account the party that caused the crime, according to the statement.