Security forces kill citizen, terrify family [Archives:2007/1014/Front Page]

January 8 2007

Mohammed bin Sallam
SANA'A, Jan. 4 ) Tens of security forces carried on armored vehicles attacked early Tuesday, Dec. 26, Faris Hamoud Al-Rudini's house, 32, and killed him after his family members refused to go with them without prosecution's orders, according to media sources.

The motivation for which security forces attacked Al-Rudini's house and killed Faris is still unknown.

Ameen Al-Rudini, the victim's uncle, told on Wednesday, that security forces totaling 75 soldiers and 25 armored vehicles spread in Musaik's Al-Fawz zone early Tuesday morning. The forces entered the house by force and photographed it from inside and outside and shot Faris once in his head before leaving.

According to Ameen, Faris's corpse is still in Al-Thawra Hospital Morgue, and they will not bury him until the killers are identified and the cause for which they killed Faris and forced women and children to outside the house is known.

Ameen said that they have informed the Attorney General and the East Capital Prosecution who investigated them and listened to witnesses.

The assailants laid siege around Musaik Zone and prevented Hamir Police Station's affiliates or the zone's head from coming into the house, declaring they will kill anyone trying to enter.

For his part, Dr. Abdullah Al-Ulfi, the Attorney General, directed the Capital's North Prosecution to investigate the case after the victim's family had complained to him.

Security forces allegedly were looking for Mahmoud Al-Rudini, 27, the victim's uncle. Mohammed, Mahmoud's brother, told media his family was surprised when security forces broke into the house about 3 a.m., and they did not know the reason for the attack just that the security forces were looking for Mahmoud.

Mohammed declared he woke up while his father was quarrelling with soldiers, just a few minutes before Faris died, noting they were not resisting.

He also denied his knowledge that Mahmoud was on security's list and assured Mahmoud is a sports teacher at Modern Yemen Egypt School and used to move freely in all places adding, “It was possible for them to arrest him at any place and in a legal way instead of killing Faris