Security Measures Intensified in and around Sana’a [Archives:2001/47/Front Page]

November 19 2001

The Ministry of Interior started an aggressive campaign last week to intensify security in and around the capital, Sana’a, in order to monitor and crack down on security breakdowns in the city, defining specific access and outgoing routes to the city. Sana’a has been a good place for tribesmen to settle their scores, mainly tribal vengeance. It appears that this measure also aims to prevent terrorists, kidnappers and other lawless people from entering the capital, as most of the kidnapping incidents, which President Saleh denounced earlier as terrorist acts, have taken place in the capital.
Reliable sources told Yemen Times that last week’s visit of a Jordanian military team was meant to assist the Yemeni security authorities in applying advanced schemes to monitor main routes into the country and main cities which would enable them to crack down on terrorists and other outlaws.