Security measures tightened around embassies [Archives:2009/1224/Local News]

January 12 2009

Mahmoud Assamiee
SANA'A, Jan. 11 – The Ministry of Interior has imposed stricter security measures around some embassies in case demonstrations held in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza turn violent.

Streets leading to the embassies of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been closed, causing heavy traffic in the streets of Hadda and Al-Sabaeen.

An Egyptian national has reported being verbally assaulted by Yemenis condemning his government's stance towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Security also closed Jamal Abdul-Nasser Street where the Egyptian Embassy is located.

These measures follow the demonstrators failed attempt to reach the Egyptian Embassy in protest against the Egyptian government's attitude towards the ongoing Israeli massacre committed by Israel against the people of Gaza.

The Ministry of Interior said that the reason behind intensifying security on these embassies is “ordinary precautionary security measures””.

The US Embassy has also tightened security measures around its building. A source close to the embassy said that such measures are normal and result in fear of being attacked by angry demonstrators because of its support to Israel.

The embassy raised the color alert to orange