Security Mess Continues [Archives:1999/31/Local News]

August 2 1999

An extensive meeting was held last Friday July 30th, at Abdulaziz Al-Kabeer’s house. Abdulaziz Al-Kabeer is the father of Abdullah Abdulaziz who was killed last Wednesday July 28th in the Al-Asbahi residential area at midnight. Abdullah was a victim of a clash between the followers of Mr. Naji Abdullah Assoufi, governor of Sanaa Governorate and the followers of General Saleh Ali Dahmash, Director of Khowlan Security. General Dahmash was accused of arresting Khowlan tribesmen and helping the Ministry of Interior in their apprehension. After a heated argument, firing took place and Abdullah was fatally shot. In their meeting, Khowlan’s leaders were divided in their opinions. Some of them, who are known to be loyal to a well-known personality in the Ministry of Interior, suggested that they go to the President to ask him for the dismissal of the Minister of Interior. The majority, however proposed going to Khowlan in order to reach a settlement of the conflict between Assoufi and Dahmash by the traditional tribal customs. In addition to this, Khowlan leaders asked for punishment to be meted out to those responsible for arresting Khowlan’s tribesmen.