Security sources deny ban on raising Hezbollah flags [Archives:2006/970/Front Page]

August 7 2006

By: Hamdan Dammag
Security sources have denied banning Hezbollah flags, while sales of its leader's pictures and posters are booming these days.

SANA'A, Aug. 6 ) Security sources have denied numerous media reports that authorities banned raising Hezbollah flags, slogans and pictures of its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, as well as removed such flags from shops, cars and homes.

According to, sources confirmed that published media reports aren't true and lack exactitude and objectivity. It added that such reports contravene Yemen's announced stance on what's happening in Lebanon and its official and popular support for resistance against Israeli aggression in both Lebanon and Palestine.

The sources added that media must examine the authenticity of information prior to publication and avoid publishing false stories.

Earlier this week, the Yemeni Socialist Party news web site,, reported that authorities ordered the banning of Hezbollah flags and pictures of its leader, especially in northern cities (including the capital), fearing that Al-Houthi supporters might exploit current public sentiment to spread their political thought.

Hezbollah pictures and posters are being sold on major city streets throughout the country. “The sale of these pictures and posters is a profitable trade for the time being and people from various groups are rushing to buy them,” 14-year-old street vendor Mohamed Sa'eed said. He confirmed that he and other vendors have no problem selling such pictures and posters, adding that he loves Nasrallah and wishes him and the resistance victory.

Children's demonstration

In related news, a demonstration involving Yemeni children will take place Tuesday in solidarity with children in Lebanon and in protest against the brutal massacres to which Lebanese and Palestinian children are being subjected.

Children joining the demonstration, organized by Shawthab Childhood Foundation, will submit a letter to the U.N. secretary-general, protesting Israeli aggression against Lebanon and Palestine. Foundation chairperson Lamia Al-Eryani said approximately 50 children will participate in the demonstration. The children also will organize several activities themselves, including a painting exhibition and a music festival, to show their solidarity with Lebanese children.