Security still watching suspect Tensions in Marib continue [Archives:2003/06/Local News]

February 10 2003

Kidnappings are continuing between the tribes of Ma’rib and Sanhan.
Problems have arisen over the kidnapping of a person from Sanhan some weeks ago, by tribesman from al-Zaidi and in Marib.
Some tribesmen from Sanhan tribe kidnapped Ahmed Abdullah al-Dawlah last week.
The kidnapped, a student of medicine in Iraq, was snatched from Sana’a to pressure the Al-zaidi tribe to release Tariq al-Sayani.
Al- Dawla doesn’t have anything to do with al- Zaidi. Therefore, his tribe, al-Hamajiah belonging to Jiham tribe, kidnapped two persons from Sanhan.
These acts of tribal revenge kidnappings have intensified the situation in Ma’rib, as military forces are still in the area of Sirwah in Marib to pressure al-Zaidi tribesmen to release the Sanhan hostage who is a relative of a military official.
Tribal sources in Marib said al-Zaidi is receiving medical care, while under a siege by security officials.
Al-Zaidi was wounded in clashes with security men.
He is accused of having links to al-Qaeda and is described as a most dangerous person.
Jiham tribe is refusing to let security arrest him.