Self-activation and even activation of the whole world (1/2) [Archives:2005/849/Culture]

June 9 2005

By Ayyoub Ramadhan
For the Yemen Times

The process of self-activation begins in all its aspects when the Moslem's mind gives birth to the spring of consciousness and the volition of action, becoming like a flowing renewable river which bestows its goodness on one's soul, community and human kind.

Self-activation has four aspects:

First Aspect: Self-activation towards Allah

Second Aspect: Self-activation towards one's soul

Third Aspect: Self-activation towards the nation

Fourth Aspect: Self-activation towards the otherness

In this article, we are going to tackle the first two aspects hoping to take up the rest in a next article with Allah's willing.

First Aspect: Self-activation towards Allah:

Having built their own selves, Moslems know who they are. With self-activation, they know what they do. This inquiry flies with two wings: the wing of “what have you done towards your Creator?” and “What have you done towards yourself?”.

The talk here is about slaves' actions towards their Creator. When Moslems do well towards their Creator, they will do well towards themselves and if they do well and activate themselves, their actions towards the community and otherness will be an inevitable fruit. This is why self-activation is the key to the whole life, world and universe.

The key to self-activation are soul's deeds towards its Creator. The relation between the person and his/her Creator should have priority with man remembering all day and night who he is dealing with and how to deal. The verses that explain Allah's blesses bestowed on him should always be in his mind recalling: “My mercy has included everything.” (al-Araf:156), and “What Allah out of His Mercy doth bestow on mankind there is none can withhold.” (Fater:2) and when harmed, reading “Is not Allah enough for His servant? But they try to frighten thee with other (gods) besides Him!” (al-Zumur:36)

Whenever he sees the manifestations of Allah's mercy, his tongue utters: “And in your souls you should see.” (Thariyat:21), “Then contemplate (o man!) the memorials of Allah's Mercy! how He gives life to the earth after its death ” (Ar-Rum:50)

If he suffers despair, his mind would remember the vastness of Allah's mercy: “Say: “O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving