Self-exiled journalists back to their jobs [Archives:2002/37/Local News]

September 9 2002

Mr. Hussein al-Awadi, Information Minister, met September. 2 with the new batch of self- exiled Yemeni pressmen following the civil war of summer 1994.
During the meeting which was attended by the Chairman of Journalists Syndicate, Mr. Mahboob Ali, the Information Minister has issued his orders to recall their posts, improve their vocational positions in the official media and press institutions where they were working before. All their financial rights have been also guaranteed since their departure. Mahboob Ali appreciated this step and declared that there are only 3 journalists left in Damascus and Cairo, Omar Bawazeer, Ali Gassar, and Sa’aeed Ali Noor.
He assured that they well arrive home soon. It is worth mentioning that two journalists, Dr. Mohammed Abdul Hadi, MBC corespondent and Sameer Moqbil, an employee in Defense Ministry political guidance, had returned home last month from Cairo.