Seminar on Chambers of Commerce Performance [Archives:1999/15/Local News]

April 12 1999

On Saturday, April 10th, a performance improvement seminar organized for the Chamber of Commerce was initiated at The Elephant Bay Resort at Aden’s University campus. Members of Aden’s Chamber of Commerce, General Directors of Aden’s executive offices, interested businessmen, along with American Professor Douglas Marsh, will participate in the two-day seminar. This seminar was organized in coordination with the other Chambers of Commerce all over the country. The conference was an attempt to keep people up to date on the latest developments.
Mr. Marsh has met with the chamber’s board of directors and reviewed a number of economic issues with them, especially those related to the role of the private sector as well as concepts and approaches in a free zone context. The meeting also touched on the chamber’s relationship with its members and services that should be extended to the chamber’s members.
Mr. March then listened to a number of views and ideas on different topics and management-related problems in the commercial sector. He exchanged views on them, and shared concepts on the chamber’s areas of interest and activities. He described the chambers of commerce as a base for business, and said they are a channel and link between the government and the private sector.
Sources in the Aden Chamber of Commerce said more seminars are planned.