Seminar on Hazards of Smoking [Archives:2000/23/Health]

June 5 2000

On the occasion of the International Day for Smoking Eradication, the Science & Technology University held a seminar under the motto ”Smoking Hazards” on Tuesday May 30.
Several university professors delivered speeches on the hazards of smoking and its menace on pregnancy. Some have also presented studies on the smoking habit and its role in increasing mouth diseases.
Professor Nazem Abdul-Hameed Kasem addressed a lecture on the irreversible health effects of smoking and its widespread among both sexes especially the youth. Another lecture delivered by Dr. Dhaifalah Gayed on the effects of cigarette smoking on cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Moreover, Dr. Abul-Rahman Al-Kamees, Professor in the College of Legislation & Law has spoke about Islam’s point of view on smoking. He also clarified that smoking harms the health of people and our religion has always worked to protect humans against all sorts of harms.
In the final statement the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization were lauded for their efforts in patronizing the International Day for Smoking Eradication. Finally, the seminar urged upon authorities in charge, intellectuals and people to raise awareness on the dangers of smoking as well as limiting growing of tobacco in the country.
By Yasser M. Ahmed