Seminar on journalists’ ambitions in traditional society [Archives:2003/643/Community]

June 19 2003

The Health and Culture Center, a Yemeni non-profit organization chaired by Mr. Abdullilah Sallam organized a seminar on the difficulties facing female journalists in a traditional society and their ambitions last Monday. The seminar was chaired by Mrs. Rahma Hujaira and was attended by a number of journalists and concerned people. The seminar dealt with issues such as professional journalism and women's role in it, society constraints and cultural and political discrimination against female journalists.
After heated discussions on such sensitive topics, a conclusion was reached by all participants at the end of the event focusing on the need to have female journalists self-confident, insistent, politically-aware, well-educated, and properly trained to be able to have a leading role in journalism.
Mrs. Rahma Hujaira ended the seminar with a call upon the Yemeni female journalists to do as much as possible to improve their skills and abilities and self-esteem through continuous reading, practicing, public relations, and by “never giving up”.
“Female journalists have a lot of potential and can do great if they gain self-confidence, work hard, and overcome constraints.” she said.