Seminar on media wraps up [Archives:2003/06/Local News]

February 10 2003

In a seminar held on January 3-4 by the Mass Media Training & Qualifying Institute (MMTQI), managers at the media institutions recommended determining the training and rehabilitating needs for the media institutions.
In this context, an executive committee has been set up which was entrusted with training and coordinating with the concerned bodies in media bodies.
Participants during the 2-day seminar, emphasized on media institutions needs for training programs during 2003 and finding mechanisms for the media.
During the closing ceremony, the dean of MMTQI, Dr. Abduallah al-Zalab, stressed on the necessity to keep in touch with the training organizations interested in the media affairs.
Al-Zalab pointed out that remote training systems have been imported by the MMTQI in collaboration with UNISCO and other organizations to support the MMTQI in technical aspects.