Seminar on Population’s Situation [Archives:2001/23/Local News]

June 4 2001

In cooperation with the National People Committee, the Educational Professions Syndicate in Sana’a kicked off a seminar on the role of NGOs in solving people’s problems at the Police Officers’ Club last Monday. The seminar aimed at studying the population situation of the country, reviewing future challenges facing the big number of population, outlining future strategies and discussing the possibility of their integration with the political parties’ programs. The seminar also aimed at highlighting the important role of NGOs in contributing to the implementation of strategies pertaining to population.
Mr. Abdulqader Bajammal, Prime Minister, called for discussions to center on practical means to implement such strategies away from the traditional theatrical means. He also called upon authorities concerned to share with people their opinions. “The population problem should not be treated as a complicated issue that must be solved only by the government. It is rather a social issue that requires the contribution of every member of the society,” he said.
Mrs. Asia Al-Mashrifi, general coordinator of the seminar, said that holding such a seminar under the title of the role of NGOs reflected the great responsibility that must be shouldered.
During three days, participants discussed a number of working papers about the population situation of the country, health reproduction, women and demographic development, Islam’s opinion on family planning, etc.