Seminar on renewable energy wraps up [Archives:2003/673/Local News]

October 2 2003

By Farouk Moqbil
Yemen Times Staff

Hodiedah, Sept, 30_ More than 11 scientific studies and working papers were presented during the 2-day First Renewable Energy Seminar and Exhibition held in Hudeidah on September 30- October 1,2003..
The was held under the auspices of Hudeidah Governor, Colonel, Mohammed Saleh Shamlan and attended by the Vice German Ambassador in Yemen.
During the inaugural ceremony, speeches were delivered focusing on the great significance of the renewable energy such as, solar energy, winds as a substitutes for the traditional energy sources such as fuel, which has greatly affected environment.
In his speech, the governor, Mr. Shamlan, said that the Hudeidah City is the forerunner in using the solar energy system for 20 years.
He emphasized that the city's preparedness to cover areas and districts with solar energy system networks in case of providing the essential support.
On her part, the German vice Ambassador to Yemen said in her speech one of the biggest challenges in the world is represented by the climate change. She emphasized that the German government has committed itself to reduce dangers of the environmental changes.
In a statement to the Yemen Times, the Vice German Ambassador said a project related to the basic education has been underway in order to explain to children the great significance of preserving environment and how to deal daily with environment demands.
The project has been applied in several governorates such as, Ibb; Abyan and in future the project will cover Hajjah and Marib.
Dr. Mohammed al-Ghashm the Vice-Director of the Tehama Development Authority focused in his speech on the environmental pollution resulting from diesel and petrol -powered engines.
He called for applying the renewable energy systems and winds to generate energy instead.
Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Zabarah briefed the economic characteristics and the production cost of electricity for the solar cell. “I think that it is time for solar renewable energy to be replaced by the traditional method,” Mr. Zabarah said.
Working papers and studies conducted in the field of renewable energy confirm that Yemen is featured by the solar energy resources and there are factors behind its success.