Sender of threats against Aden Airport arrestedInterior Ministry reveals Ramadan security plan [Archives:2008/1185/Front Page]

August 28 2008

SANA'A, Aug. 27 – Yemen's Ministry of Interior yesterday approved a security plan for Ramadan, which coincides with the beginning of September this year.

To be implemented in every Yemeni governorate, the plan seeks to “provide a convenient security atmosphere suitable to the rituals of Ramadan,” according to Deputy Interior Minister Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al-Qawsi.

The plan includes both fixed and infantry security patrols that will move among the zones and streets of Yemeni cities, particularly in the main markets and crowded streets during Ramadan nights in order to make the movement of citizens more secure.

In a statement to, Al-Qawsi said the plan includes enhancing night guards in various zones of Yemeni cities, in coordination with police stations, in an effort to prevent home robberies, which often occur when families go out shopping at night.

He added that traffic and security checkpoints will be activate on highways in an effort to restrict traffic accidents, which increase during Ramadan nights due to citizens traveling between governorates.

Al-Qawsi further maintained that a ban on arms-bearing will continue throughout Ramadan, with security apparatuses disallowing any arms-bearing during the month.

In related news, Interior Minister Mutaher Al-Masri reveals that Yemeni security apparatuses have shut down more than 245 weapons shops and seized more than 270 individuals over the past few weeks.

In a statement to media outlets, Al-Masri confirmed that, “Today, the ministry is more stable and insistent upon carrying out the resolution to ban arms-bearing.” He noted that his ministry has passed the first phase of executing the resolution and begun implementing the second phase over the past few days by shutting down arms shops in all Yemeni governorates.

Al-Masri says his ministry, in cooperation with civil society organizations, will continue its efforts to ban arms-bearing in Yemen, further praising the role of security apparatuses in this regard.

He noted that his ministry is following both short- and long-term strategies regarding the arms-bearing ban, explaining that it began with shutting down arms shops in the governorate capitals and that the second step will include “shutting down other shops according to the strategy.”

He further mentioned that the Interior Ministry has seized tens of thousands of arms, pointing out that confiscating such arms is done according to judiciary procedures.

Airport threat maker arrested

In other news, the Interior Ministry announced that Yemeni security apparatuses have arrested a man who sent a threatening telephone text message to the head of security at Aden International Airport indicating that he would bomb the airport within two hours of the message.

Following this threat, security forces were placed on high alert and more security were deployed at the airport. Additionally, extended inspections were conducted to search for potential explosives.

The Interior Ministry's Security Media Center reported that the individual who sent the threats was arrested in Sana'a governorate's Hizyaz area, where he resides, and immediately taken to the Anti-Terrorism Unit for investigation.

The center further indicated that Yemeni security apparatuses were able to collect data about the source of the threat within the two-hour time period given as a reprieve from his threat.