Sentences on Aden explosions case pronounced [Archives:2002/32/Front Page]

August 5 2002

Sera Court of First Instances in Aden Saturday morning held its public session chaired by Justice Mohammed Mahmoud al-Gundi and pronounced the verdict in Aden explosions that had taken place in 2001 New Year and targeted al-Tawahi church, Saba News Agency office and Continental Hotel in Khor Maksar, Aden.

Four people were condemned in the explosions, namely, Nassir Ali Awad Al-Shaibah, Anees Mohammed Abdu, Fares Saleh Taher and Saleh Hussin Ali.
The court sentenced the first defendant to 6 years in prison , the second was sentenced to two years and half imprisonment and two years imprisonment for the third defendant. The court had acquitted the fourth defendant for the incomplete evidence and handed him over to the general prosecutor for investigations into trading in weapons.