September 11 attacks commemorated [Archives:2002/38/Local News]

September 16 2002

In memory of victims of September 11 terrorist attacks, the Patriot Day Commemoration was memorialized at the US Embassy in Sana’a last Wednesday at the presence of a host of diplomatic corpse, and representatives of some local, official and independent newspapers.
In his part, the US Ambassador to Yemen, Mr. Edmund J. Hull delivered a speech depicting the huge catastrophe that has befallen on the region and Yemen and the negative impacts that has disturbed the nation’s economies in the entire world.
Mr. J Hull has highly appreciated the Yemen’s cooperation in response to counterterrorism.
The US Ambassador stated further that al-Qaeda continued to operated worldwide, in the US, in Europe in the Gulf and in Yemen. “We have accomplished much in the past year, but there is much work left to do,” he said.
In this context, Dr. Abdulhadi al-Hamdani, Deputy Director of the President’s Office said in his speech that Yemen was one of the first nations in expressing solidarity with America and its people. “The republic of Yemen as part of its obligation after Sep, 11 has intensified security measures to track down suspects with links to al-Qaeda, to the USS Cole attack or to any other terrorist activities which took place in our country,” he stated further.
“Yemen has been one of the first countries suffering from terrorism, as well as violence and kidnapping and the incident that took place in the Province of Abyan in 1998, which took the lives of 4 tourists,” He stated further.
Al-Hamdany concluded that the sanction imposed on Iraq and Libya by the UN has negatively affected the people and not the systems of these countries. The people of these countries have become victims and as a result these countries have no way except to pay the price.
He further emphasized that the republic of Yemen has called for lifting the sanctions against Iraq and Libya.