September and the way forward [Archives:2002/40/Business & Economy]

September 30 2002

The Road Ahead
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Since the revolutions of September and October, Yemeni people were left with nothing else but poor conditions and questions; What is the state of the nation in the matter of security and defense, the economic condition, the industrialization, the finances, the banking system or the exports?
Besides the progressive efforts made to create a strong and diversified economy stressing on extensive investments, liberalization, privatization, and increased international trade as an attempt to achieve economic modernization. Yemen today is still a slow developing nation, but as a matter of fact, Yemen is a very promising country with a bright future because of the many natural resources it has. We are gifted with oil, minerals and many other natural resources, some of that are nowhere else found in the world; like the unique plants found in Socatra Island.
On the other hand, in spite of the many improvements and advances that took place since the revolutions, we need more. For example more and quality educational facilities are required urgently. According to the National Center for Information, out of the 18.300.000* population of Yemen, 47%* lie in the age group from 0-14 years. That is more than 8.000.000 Yemenies. Now, do we have enough schools and educational institutes for even half of those? Then how do we expect people to live comfortably? How are they going to get jobs in the future if they can’t get education now? Especially with a population growth rate of 3.5%*.
Our country needs the kind of people who are proud of their heritage and have a strong sense of belonging. These people are the generations of the future who our country needs in order to prosper. But first, we need to prepare these future generations for a different tomorrow; we need to grow the love of the country in them and habituate them to face this changing world. This is the responsibility of the education system to ensure that future generations receive quality education that can enable them to at least match their pears in the rest of the world. Sadly it is clear that this is not possible, too many of them too little of facilities.
I am sure that there are many efforts in order to contain this problem. Particularly during the last decade, and from my part I would like to encourage such improvements and efforts made by every single person in order to make this country one step ahead in the right direction.
Endnote: Another 26th September passes by us and I ask about the way forward. I have a feeling we are moving in the right direction but we are too slow, serious efforts has to be made in order to speed up the pace.
* :Source: National Information Center – 2000